Influencing Legislation and Legislators for the Lord Jesus Christ.

Commit To Vote

Here are some statistics that may shock you.

  • Only 60.1% of New York's total population is registered to vote.
  • During the last presidential election (2012) only 60.4% (7,135,322) of those registered Empire State voters turned out to cast their ballot. During Governor Cuomo's 2010 first-term run for governor only 40.4% (4,769,731) of voters went to the polls.
  • National statistics demonstrate that a meager one in four eligible evangelical Christians are voting. Nearly 75% of the Christian community is not casting ballots on Election Day!

Christian New Yorkers, we have work to do at the ballot box. Every adult Christian New Yorker should be registered to vote! Are you? If you are not sure of your voter registration status, you can find out. If you need a voter registration form, contact us or contact your county Board of Elections. Please encourage like-minded friends, relatives, neighbors, and fellow churchgoers to register to vote as well.

New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms recognizes that our state's greatest need is spiritual, not political. However, we also recognize that the Christian community cannot expect to see positive changes in New York's government unless people of faith get informed, register and vote. Thank you for your continued support!